Seeking God out

God revealed himself in a big way to me today.

It was normally a day where I would’ve been in a negative mood. It was cloudy and cold when I woke up. It was a Monday, and I had to make my way to my 8:00 A.M. Spanish class. That routine has taken its toll on me recently.

But today was beyond normal circumstances. To start, it was Halloween, which is always fun, and a general fun atmosphere was about the campus. More importantly, it was my sister’s Sweet 16 birthday, and she was taking her driver’s test.

I woke up per usual, snoozing my alarm, and taking care of my normal hygiene routine. I then read my devotional for the day, and prayed hard for my sister, my family, the nation, and our campus.

I then took time to listen to some powerful worship songs as I made my way to class. I’m not sure what it was, but I really connected with God and had a positive attitude.

Whereas sometimes in Spanish I struggle to pay attention, I was locked in and receptive to the concepts. Whereas normally I would think I’d feel emotional about my sister taking her 8:30 driver’s test, today I was calm and relaxed.

I proceeded back to the student center to relax before my 10:00 class, and my Dad came through with a text letting me know my sister had passed her test. I had been listening to some strong worship music, and connected with God intimately. So when the good news came, I was even more joyful.

I’m thankful for the way that God has revealed himself to me today. It’s mainly because I sought him out. And on days that aren’t so good, I pray that I’d remember this, and seek God out. Because it’s then that he reveals himself in every way.



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