Power Ranking remaining NHL teams

As the second round of the Stanley Cup Playoffs begin, the contenders emerge from an exciting first round vying for a cup. It’s a dogfight to say the least, as many teams seemed poised for a Stanley Cup run. Here’s how they stack up.

1. Washington Capitals – Ovechkin and Holtby are playing at the top of their game, but the Caps took 6 games to win a series against Philly many thought they’d sweep. Will they perform similar against a much more talented team- the Penguins?

2. Dallas Stars – In a hard fought series vs. Minnesota, Dallas advanced to the second round for the first time since 2008. Jamie Benn is playing absolutely out of his mind right now, there’s no questioning that, but there many ask- can the defense and goaltending finally hush the critics and slow down a St. Louis team they struggled with in the regular season?

3. St. Louis Blues – St. Louis finally exorcised their playoff burdens by knocking off the defending champion Blackhawks in seven games. Though they nearly blew a 3-1 series lead, the defense is playing excellent and the Blues have scored the most timely goals of any team in the playoffs, stepping up when it counts. They’ll need to keep that up if they’re planning on moving past Dallas.

4. San Jose Sharks– Upset alert! San Jose knocked off Pacific division rival Los Angeles in five games. Pavelski, Burns and even longtime Shark Patrick Marleau have stepped it up big time, as San Jose knocked off a team many had picked for a Stanley Cup run.

5. Tampa Bay Lightning – It was a bit of a surprise how well Tampa played without Stamkos against Detroit in the first round. Kucherov, a big time playoff performer last season, leads his team in goals, while Big Ben Bishop has looked as good as he was last season on Tampa’s cup run. Watch out, Washington, the defending Eastern Conference champions are dangerous.

6. Pittsburgh Penguins – This rank is a bit misleading as the Pens handled business pretty easily in the first round vs. the Rangers. Despite still being banged up, Pittsburgh has been so hot for about a month now and has emerged as a contender in the East. Penguins/Caps will be a great series.

7. Nashville Predators– Nashville and Anaheim was the closest series so far, aside from St.Louis and Chicago. Forsberg, Neal and Weber have played well in a series many chalked up easily to Anaheim. They played well against the Ducks in game seven, and, who knows, a surprise run to the conference finals could be impending.

8. New York Islanders– Someone had to be 8th. And they played well against Florida. The Isles advanced to round for the first time in 23 years, which is impressive. But will their run be halted by a hot Tampa team with Stamkos’ return looming?

Second round match-ups

Washington vs. Philadelphia
Dallas vs. St. Louis
Tampa Bay vs. New York
San José vs. Nashville


25 Practical uses for a ‘Frocket’ anyone can apply

Vineyard Vines shirts have become very popular among the men’s casual fashion community. Young men and women alike, typically college or high school age, proudly don their ‘Whale shirts,’ standing at the pinnacle of casual fashion. Many of these shirts feature a front pocket, dubbed ‘Frocket’ by many. Not only on Vineyard Vines shirts are frockets featured, however. T-shirts for school clubs, for example sororities and fraternities, love the frocket.  Occasionally, the whale shirt-wearer/sorority girl will receive criticism over their frocket, with naysayers asking, ‘what possible use could you have for that?’ In defense, here are 25 possible uses  in response to those naysayers. These uses apply to all kinds of people, too, not just frat guys or sorority girls.

  1. Storage of money, credit cards, driver’s licenses, etc. (a wallet on your shirt).
  2. Pretty much the one I most often use- glasses and/or sunglasses holder.
  3. Pocket Bibles slide right in so the Lord is always close to your heart. (see what I did there?)
  4. When sporting pants without pockets, there’s no better alternative for a safe place to put your phone.
  5. I can’t think of a cooler way to be handed a business card than from a guy pulling it out of a frocket.
  6. Snack storage when the munchies hit on the go. (no, it’s not weird putting snacks in your pockets).
  7. When golfing, it’s a great place to store tees and extra golf balls.
  8. When in class, extra pens and pencils are always accessible.
  9. Roll up your phone charger, place it in your frocket and never run out of juice.
  10. Keep your boarding pass in a safe, accessible place when traveling.
  11. It can hold a small comb, useful on bad hair days or windy days alike.
  12. A safe place to put your earbuds, where they (might) not tangle or rip.
  13. Frockets can likely hold a small water bottle so you’ll never go thirsty.
  14. If you want to make a really bold statement, you can test out a pocket square in your frocket. (Who knows, maybe it’ll work, you might like it)!
  15. You could be sentimental and print out your favorite photos, and have them easily accessible when conversing with family and friends. (Polaroids never go out of style).
  16. When attending a sporting event, there’s not better ticket holder.
  17. For the ladies- I can’t think of a better spot to keep your lipstick, and maybe a makeup palate.
  18. When you receive $0.93 in change, coins in a frocket make a slightly less obnoxious jangle.
  19. The businessman can always have his receipts in a safe place to make expense reports a breeze.
  20. For those hot summer days, a small tube of sunscreen can fit in your frocket. Good luck, sun.
  21. On sappy movie night, tissues are close by in your frocket for when the film hits you right in the feels.
  22. For those with chronic pain, in a frocket, your medicine is never far from reach.
  23. With a frocket, the magician or playing card fan always has a good place to keep his deck of cards.
  24. Any kind of pocket Bible, or notebook, can easily fit right on in, so when moments of inspiration hit, you’re in good shape.
  25. The most important one- they just look good.



This is not me. But that is a frocket.

Imaeg: https://www.google.com/url?sa=i&rct=j&q=&esrc=s&source=images&cd=&cad=rja&uact=8&ved=0ahUKEwjpr-791afMAhVC7yYKHWRtBjEQjB0IBg&url=http%3A%2F%2Fthepastelprince.tumblr.com%2Fpost%2F17845736770%2Ftpp-pink-frocket&psig=AFQjCNE-yUM8181-MG0QqH-XKUk7MgaJUg&ust=1461600936943317





Lose your life, Just so you can find it

The title of this article comes from a song from Christian recording artist Phil Wickham, in his song ‘True Love.’

A short segment indeed, but a very powerful one.

Sometimes I’ll hear those who are non-religious rambling on down the list of excuses of why they deny God’s love. Often times, they give reasons like ‘I want to live my life the way I want to,’ or something like ‘I don’t want anyone telling me what to do.’

But they’re missing the point entirely. God gives us this life and yes, he wants us to enjoy it and some of the things that are in it. However, we shouldn’t put our life over his.

God’s love is better than anything in this world. His love is not subject to worldly ties, and after we accept his free gift of salvation, we should offer our lives as a testament to him and his will.

In the nicest way possible, get over yourself. True joy can be found by putting God first and buying into his plan.

Give up on your plan so you can embrace God’s.

Lose your life, just so you can find it.

As Christians, we can’t put our faith in this World.

This world is already a broken place.

It has been for a very, very long time.

In the book of Genesis, at the Garden of Eden, the Adam and Eve committed the first sin in history: choosing their wants over Gods’s.

Many hear the word but often can’t come up with a definition for it within a Christian context: What exactly is sin?

Sin is exactly what Adam and Eve did. Put their needs first. Every human does this every single day. The nature of our being has us entangled in a web that we can’t escape- or at least not on our own.

God’s salvation through his perfect son Jesus Christ is the only way out of this earthly misery of the proverbial trap that sin is. The Earth and what many who walk its surface by into every day is simply the personification of it.

All around us, our peers, sometime even our brothers and sisters in Christ, fall victim to the specific sin of attaching themselves to the happenings and being of the Earth to the point that they’ve put their faith in Earth and Earthly happenings.

Politics. Possessions. Ungodly relationships. And the big one- Wealth.

As Christians, it’s our job to seek God above these things. And when we inevitably fail to do so, it’s repentance and acknowledging God’s gift of a perfect savior in place of our sin savior that puts us back on track.

As Christians, we must lead in this mindset and lead others to Jesus. We can’t put our faith in Earthly things and let it compromise our mission.

This life is not the end.

Proverbs 3:6In everything you do, put God first.